Structural Tanks

  Additional Tanks



Based on a new patented technology, AEds Technologie provides a fully qualified internal auxiliary tank solution to be fitted into cargo compartments or fuselage section of extended range commercial aircraft, biz-jets, surveillance aircraft, and helicopters.

This technology (ISOCELL ) used with an internal rubber flexible fuel cell can provide double wall fuel tanks with typical weight ratio lower than 0,950 Kg per liter of usable fuel.

Based on our experience in drop tanks, AEds Technologie has developed civil applications, offering an improved weight to volume ratio.
These tanks are designed as conformal tanks and provide fuel extension capabilities (mainly for business jets).
Galaxy Forward Fuel Tank provides a 0,085 Kg / useful liter weight ratio and meets the EASA civil requirements.

Although AEds Technologie is now driving the Fuel Tanks Systems & Aerostructures product line development with the recent successes obtained in the Fuel Tanks Systems business, our original expertise is basically related to sheet metal work (Forming, TIG welding, Spot welding).

Our 50 year history is therefore driving us to be still involved in some profitable Aerostructure programs such as the Dassault Falcon 20 biz-jet engine retrofit program for which more than 120 engine Pylons Kits have been delivered.

Our long experience in sheet metal work and welding has driven AEds Technologie to offer its expertise in non-fuel tank business.
We are present in several civil programs for which we supply miscellaneous reservoirs :
- Hydraulic tanks for Airbus A330/340 Airbus
- Potable water tanks
- Oil tanks for engines
- ...

Drop Tanks


Aeds Technologie has built over 2500 drop tanks during the past 25 years, in use worlwide on Dassault fighter aircrafts.
Rafale program was the 1st program for which AEds Technologie demonstrated a full equipment development capability (Design, Qualification, Prototyping and Serial Production).